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CB Drew Coleman Re-Works Deal

According to Jenny Vrentas:

Also, CB Drew Coleman re-worked his deal. Signed $1.176 tender in April. Will now earn $850,000 this season, all guaranteed

I think we all expected Coleman to make the roster despite some calling for him to be cut. It's not a massive re-work, but with it being fully guaranteed it looks like we will be sticking with him for at least one more season. Doesn't save us a ton but every little helps.

Hoping that Drew can make some contributions this season, his pick on Clausen on Saturday was a decent read by Coleman. I'm sure most of us are hoping he doesn't see the field a lot apart from special teams anyway. He's had his problems in the past in coverage, but he should be the 5th cornerback this year and he is fighting for that with Marquice Cole and Brian Jackson, who were getting some reps against the Panthers and doing a nice job.