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Could Tim Cowlishaw Be Right?

It seems odd that a reporter from Dallas claims to have a scoop on the Jets and insists he is right while beat writers and national figures close to the team deny it. The natural inclination is to say Tim Cowlishaw is wrong. I don't think it is as crazy as it seems, though, to suggest he might be right.

It is clear that Cowlishaw is getting his information from a source to whom nobody else has access because nobody else is reporting this. Beat writers have their own established sources. They go to them whenever there is a question. The thing about the Revis negotiations is a media embargo imposed by both sides exists. The traditional sources of information might not be there providing the correct answers. The beat writers also might not go beyond their already established sources when they think they already have an answer. This information might not even be coming from the Jets or the Revis camp. A third party might know.

I am not going to guarantee you Cowlishaw is correct, but it does seem like he is talking to different people than the beat guys are. Even people like Chris Mortensen, who cannot confirm the story, are standing by the writer they know.

On Revis, even though Jets sources deny what @timcowlishaw is reporting; I hesitate to shoot down a very respected journalist like Tim.

Peter King says so too.

I just find it difficult to believe a professional journalist would risk his credibility for a scoop on a team he doesn't even cover unless he had solid intelligence. I suppose we will find out soon enough.