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Update: Tim Cowlishaw's Account Verified

[Update by John B, 08/22/10 9:22 PM EDT ] Cowlishaw is insisting the Revis news is separate from any reports on a Nick Mangold contract extension. In response to somebody suggesting he mixed the two up, he writes:

@Jets321 yeah I don't know the difference between mangold and revis. Please...


There were questions as to earlier reports from Dalas Morning News and ESPN personality Tim Cowlishaw's report a Darrelle Revis contract is imminent. Some speculated it might have been a hoax or that his Twitter account was hacked.

Both Bob Glauber and Chris Mortensen are saying it is in fact Cowlishaw.

We will find out the accuracy soon, but I would not be so quick to say it is false. I know Cowlishaw is from a different city, but we don't know who he knows. Maybe his sister's hairdresser's brother is in the loop. Maybe he knows somebody from HBO from when the Cowboys did Hard Knocks. A lot of stories get broken by unlikely sources. I find it tough to believe he would risk his credibility as a journalism if he wasn't sure because the backlash would be huge.