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Reason For Optimism With Brodney Pool

I don't think this will be covered by the media, but Pool is one of those players that I've been looking out for and somewhat promoting since he joined the Jets. I have great faith and belief in Brodney, and I believe that he is starting to show why.

He hasn't been called on a great deal in the first two pre-season games, but he has also played almost two halves of football. he was in with the mixture of ones and twos yesterday. You may not have heard his name mentioned that much, and that's probably a good thing. The Jets defence is not giving up many completions at all.

However paying special attention to him, has given me reason to be optimistic. He showed a good quickness over the last two games, and on two occasions last night he met the receiver and the ball at a spot and put the receiver on his backside forcing an in-completion.

I'm certainly not saying that two pre-season games is enough to judge anyone, but I am saying that Pool is giving Jets fans early reason to be optimistic that the Jets may not miss Kerry Rhodes. I've already seen more physical play from Brodney in the first two games than I did from Rhodes the entire 2009 season. However this isn't about Rhodes this is about Brodney and his willingness to not only play a physical game but cover as well.

Last night I also saw another side to him, and that was his communication. If any of you watch the game again be sure to pay attention (especially in the 2nd quarter) to Brodney's communication to his other defensive backs, especially Kyle Wilson. There seems to be more fluidity within the safety position so far (still early days), and Jim Leonhard's impressive displays only enhance that.

Brodney is not the second coming of Ronnie Lott but within the base of this defence he sure can make a difference to this team with his willingness to cover and support the run. Again two pre-season games are haardly a sample size to draw a rigid conclusion but a friend of mine who was in Cortland; Deb. B (who's knowledge of the game I trust completely without question) also saw positives in Pools play, which you can read about in her round-up here

I was keeping my eyes on the guys we don’t hear too much about, including the so-called battle for starting free safety spot, which hasn’t been much of a battle.

Brodney Pool got most of the reps with the first teamers, yet it has been hard to find any reports in the mainstream media on anything he’s done. But I saw him. He showed some big hitting ability. I remember one play in particular where he stopped bulldozer Shonn Green right in his tracks.

Injury concerns are still present, regular season performance is still unknown; however there is reason for optimism that the safety position will not be one of weakness.