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Leon Washington Looks Good for Seattle

Leon Washington had a nice night (4 carries, 19 yards) for his new team in his preseason debut.

And while that's not going to set any records, the 11-yard touchdown run Washington got off in the second quarter to pull Seattle into a 14-all tie with the Packers was a nice piece of running through a tough Green Bay defense that still had the first-teamers on the field.

SB Nation's Field Gulls offers its take

Four rushes do not typically mean a whole heap of a lot, but Washington is undoubtedly the fastest Seahawks rusher through the hole and that is why Gibbs zone-blocking system seems to work when he gets the ball.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the course of the season. If either LaDainian Tomlinson or Joe McKnight is productive as the second back, there will be no story. Tomlinson looks good early in preseason. McKnight has been shaky but has shown flashes.

If both struggle, and Washington has a big year, the Jets will look bad. They at the very least allowed the perception to exist that the trade was about the prognosis for recovery from his injury being bad just as much as it was about money. We will find out whether that was accurate. It doesn't look that way early.