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What I Will Be Looking For Tonight Against The Carolina Panthers

So it's gameday and that sure is good to say, what are we looking for tonight?

  • Healthy, healthy, healthy. Those are the most important words in any pre-season game. The last thing I want is any injuries at all. So the first thing you look for at the final whistle is the health of the players
  • I want to see the offensive line get more of a push in the run game. Mangold is back in and he make all the difference. I also want to see no mental errors like the botched protection assignment on JPP's sack last week
  • I want to see Vernon Gholston. We have heard a lot about his improvements and we saw glimpses last week. I want to see him play a few downs with the ones, and see what he really has.
  • First defence just to do what they do. They were top class last week, and hoping to see more of the same this week.
  • Would like to see Sanchez have an error free quarter, and not turn the ball over.
  • Joe McKnight, I don't need to see him break a 30 yard run. I do need to see him run between the tackles and hit the hole hard.
  • 2nd's have to be better. No excuses for another defensive performance like last week from the 2's. I want to see Coleman actually stick with his man, and I want to see Lowery use his good instincts. Against Clausen they could face another tough night if they play the way they played against the Giants.
  • Nick Folk, let's keep those kick-offs reaching the end zone and let's have a 100% FG conversion rate.
  • I want to see some hang time on the Weatherford punts, and the return yards limited,
  • I want to see some of the back-ups like Reamer and Vic Hall make some plays. They both have talent and those two players will be where my main focus is on this week. Hopefully others keep a keen eye on a few others.
  • I want to see some of the back-up offensive lineman try and contain Hardy, that guy is going to be a handful and I think our Panthers guys said he may run with the 1's but I just want to see him contained.
  • Most of all let's stay clear of injuries

These are just some of the things that I'll be looking out for tonight, feel free to add your own in the comments. Are there any bubble players you will be specifically keeping an eye on?