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Sanchez: Check Downs, Short Routes Are a Luxury

An interesting article from the Daily News today talks about Sanchez and his maturation in checking down and letting his receivers do some of the work

"Sometimes you just have to say 'uncle.' Dump it to your back, and see what they got," Sanchez said of his learning process. "It's a tremendous luxury."

"Even the dump-offs or quick outs can grow into long gains, especially with guys like Santonio out there," Schottenheimer said.

It's an interesting read because it also notes that the Jets have researched the top offences of the last 6 years, finding that the average passes caught from the backfield of those offences is 35.

A question that a lot of people ask especially rival fans, is why get rid of Thomas Jones for LDT, and the answer is right here. He is an excellent receiver from the backfield, and offering Sanchez that check down will be vital in his development this year. Sanchez seems to be learning that he doesn't have to throw it 60 yards to have a 60 yard play. Let your receivers do their work, and he's noticing the value of LDT

You just give him a chance and space, it really gives you the opportunity to convert on drives, to get a great third-down percentage and help your completion percentage."