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TMZ: New York Jets Defensive Lineman Take Down 48 Breakfasts in One

TMZ have eyes absolutely everywhere, and that includes NY restaurants at brunch. A TMZ rep kindly passes on this little fun snippet to me this morning. You can take several things away from this, one of them is just how much was eaten:

-- 12 bananas foster pancakes
-- 3 steak and eggs
-- 4 omelets
-- 3 french toast
-- 3 orders of chicken wings
-- 1 waffle
-- hamburger
-- fries
-- fruit crepe
-- 4 extra sides of eggs
-- apple cinnamon pancakes
-- buttermilk pancakes
-- nachos

However the article also points out that it was a team bonding exercise executed by Big Jenks. He took his defensive lineman out and picked up the tab.

We asked Jenkins about the gut-busting gathering and he told us, "As a veteran, sometimes it is great to build a bond with fellow linemen through food. Hairy Tony's has a great brunch so I decided to treat the guys to show my appreciation for all they do".