Despite Working Jets, Revis Island Flights Temporarily Postponed

The Jets Kool-Aid turned a little bit sour this weekend.

Darrelle Revis is officially a hold-out as of 5:30PM yesterday. The sky isn’t falling just yet, but it certainly will be in Jets Nation if something doesn’t get figured out soon. There’s been plenty of finger-pointing, but most would agree at this point that the Jets management has yet to act upon its words. Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets supposedly came forward yesterday with three different deals, but all three were rejected, preventing any type of 11th hour negotiation. The details of the proposals were not specified, but Tannenbaum made three offers that were each rejected: a long-term deal that would have made Revis a "Jet for life," a short-term deal, and an in-person meeting with Revis’ agents. Perhaps at best this is a sign that the Jets management is finally starting to grind the gears on negotiating with Revis’ agents.

Obviously, the long-term offer and the short-term band-aid offer (reportedly around $5.3 million for next year with no fully guaranteed money) weren’t enough to heal the big boo-boo the Jets have opened up. The issue is one of total compensation, according to those close to the situation. At this point, the pressure falls squarely on the Jets to get this deal done. Jets management reached out to Revis over 6 months ago, not the other way around. Now, they’ve got to carry through on reworking the 25-year-old’s contract. Rex Ryan, not one to shy away from touting his players, exalted Revis as the "best corner I’ve ever been around"- and the truth is… he is. Just ask the fans and the media why this is the biggest story headed into training. (And where were all these people during last year’s AP Defensive Player of the Year voting?) I know it’s easier said than done, but let’s seal the deal with this guy, who’s still got his prime ahead of him in the years to come. For the next few days, all this means is that Lowery and Wilson, not Revis, will get reps opposite Cromartie in camp; if Revis isn’t suited up in a week or so (he forfeits a year of eligibility towards free agency if he’s still holding out on August 10), then expect the media frenzy to accumulate, and the questions to burn deeper.


With respect to Revis’ hold out, the media seems to be fixated on two points that are essentially moot:

1) The Reallocation Rule: It is true that the Jets cannot fully guarantee money in a new contract against both skill and injury, but they could cover for this in bonuses. So at the end of the day when it comes down to compensation, the Reallocation Rule isn’t preventing any cash flow from Woody Johnson’s pocket.
2) Daily Fines: Revis is being fined upwards of $16,000 each day he misses training camp. Big whoop. The whole point of him missing out is that he’ll eventually work out a deal that will cover this money. The urgency he’s giving to the situation by missing these days at training camp is a calculated risk. If things go the right way for Revis, which they most likely eventually will, these fines will be chump change in the rear view mirror.

Perhaps this tidbit sums up some the media’s fixation with infusing unnecessary and relatively irrelevant drama into the situation: "Tannenbaum said he hasn't spoken directly to Revis in several weeks. On July 14, he sent a text message to Revis, wishing him a happy birthday. Revis didn't respond." Considering most people don’t respond to even their mothers’ text messages, I’m not reading too much into this one.


The Jets also signed expected starting nickel back Kyle Wilson to a 5-year, $13 million deal with over $7 in guarantees on Saturday. Wilson will certainly see more play-time with the number ones in camp while Revis holds out.


The Results of the Jets Weight-Loss Competition Are As Follows:

WINNER: Jenkins (-33.6 lbs. via Cookie Diet) (now at a svelte 359 lbs.)

2nd Place: Woody (-26.2 lbs. via Classic Diet) (now at 340 lbs.)

3rd Place: Ryan (-20 lbs. via Lap-Band Surgery "Efforts") (now at an undisclosed weight)

Jenkins will have a donation made in his name. Ryan disputed the results on technicalities, claiming that his Lap-Band surgery weight-loss should have also counted towards the competition.


Santonio Holmes will report to camp on Wednesday. His son, who has sickle cell anemia, was recently in the hospital. Kellen Clemens (calf) and Kris Jenkins (hamstring) were placed on the active-physically unable to perform list, but should be returning soon.


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