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LC Speaks

Laveranues Coles talked to the media today as he began his third stint with the Jets.

Coles, who spent last season with Cincinnati after leaving New York as a free agent, will serve as insurance for Santonio Holmes — if he lasts beyond camp. Holmes was suspended four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

"I’m a realist," Coles said. "I look at things the way it is. Of course they have a great core without me. The circumstances call for them to bring somebody else in like myself, a veteran guy, to try and help out while he’s gone."


"They got a chance at a trophy," Coles said. "That was one of the big things for me — being a part of a team where I can go home and I know they have a chance to win. Again, I know right now we’re thinking short-term, but while I am here I’m going to give my 110 percent, and trust me, it’s going to be fun."

No matter how you feel about bringing Coles back, the fact he was willing to come back to the Jets is a good sign. The Jets have become a destination for former standouts seeking a ring. When the Patriots bring a lot of these guys in for reduced roles, they usually receive praise. The players are celebrated for seeking to play for a winner. When the Jets have signed guys like LaDainian Tomlinson, Jason Taylor, and Coles under the same concept, the first reaction out of many is to question locker room chemistry.

While it might be fair game to wonder how the locker room will handle all of these personalities, there is something to be said about a guy like Coles taking a minimal role on a team where he entered camp two years ago on top of the depth chart and where this team is at.