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The Jets QB situation behind Sanchez

      After signing Mark BrunnelI I hope the Jets still have a few moves left to make before the 2010 regular season  gets underway regarding the QB's playing behind Mark Sanchez.

I don't like the Brunnell signing if the Jets want to make him their #2 QB, the guy hasn't thrown a meaningful pass in the NFL in almost four years.  I'm OK with Brunnell signing with the Jets if they want to make him their #3 QB and to serve as a mentor to Sanchez while trying to either to trade for or sign the veteran QB who simply got caught up in a numbers game at training camp and wound up being cut.

I'd also be OK if the Jets intend to keep Clemens as their #2 QB for at least one more season.

The Jets needed Brunnell as a mentor for Sanchez last season, Sanchez doesn't need him right now.  What the Jets need right now is a backup QB who can step in and win games if Sanchez gets hurt and misses serious time, which for the 2010 Jets is anything more than a game or two. 

Remember the 1999 Jets?  The Jets don't need a fluke injury to derail what could be a memorable season in 2010.

Now isn't the time to get careless, now is the time to make sure as a franchise that you've dotted all the "I's" and crossed all the "T's" or, to borrow one from Herm "make sure that all of the corners have been swept".

If no such QB is available then keep Clemens, he's familiar with the system and could be at the right stage of his career to perhaps pull a Plunkett.  He's the backup QB, he has zero pressure on him, he is respected and well liked in the lockerroom and he has offensive weapons the likes of which he's never seen before as a Jet. 

Clemens has all of the tools, nobody doubts that, he's just never seemed to be able to put all of it together.  If ever there was a time for him to do so that time is now.

Whichever QB direction the Jets go with behind Sanchez I'm hoping Brunnel isn't the backup QB, he can be just as much of a mentor for Sanchez holding the clipboard as he can be holding a football.