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Who is Vic Hall? New York Jets Unknown

I'm looking through the roster on GGN (bottom right in case you haven't noticed it) and I saw a name that I didn't recognise. That being Vic Hall, now I have no recollection of signing Vic Hall at all, maybe I missed it or maybe it just wasn't reported widely.

So with an inquisitive nature, I clicked on Hall's profile here at SB Nation and sure enough Vic Hall, wide receiver #18. I take a look at where he has been, finding he was a UDFA QB out of Virginia, signed to the Bears to work out in the slot. Another college QB turned WR, not surprising. He didn't show much, got cut and then signed with the New York Jets.

I can't remember him from Virginia, but I don't really watch ACC football. So I check out his Virginia biography and see him listed officially as a QB, the same as he entered the draft. However reading through his biography you realize this guy isn't a QB and he sure isn't a WR. This man is a cornerback. He was a high school QB and the Bears might have tried him at WR, but he's a starter as a cornerback.

Through his career at the Virginia Cavaliers, he has ranked among the best cornerbacks in tackles (59 in 2008 which was 4th on the team, but 1st among CB's). He picked off a few passes and led the ACC in forced fumbles per game average in 2008. He turns up at the big moment, recording interceptions in big games (2007 Gator Bowl) and in big moments, 4th quarter against the Georgia Tech with the Cavs up by 7 with a minute remaining.

All this is not really that important, but earlier today I said that the media questioning at the press conferences were all generic and repetitive. I want to know who this guy is, is he just listed as a WR or are we trying him out at CB as well. I mean after our 2nd/3rd string CB performance against the Giants, I see no harm in giving him a go. He seems to have had a very good career as a CB in the ACC. I know it's not the best division in college football but it has some good teams with Georgia, Miami and North Carolina in the Coastal division.

After several successful seasons as a defensive back, he was given back the ball in 2009 to lead the Cavaliers in their new spread offence. He sort of dropped off the radar and I think he suffered with some injuries, from what I can see though he is more effective on the other side of the field, as his 2008/2007 success shows.

All I'm saying is that you don't start over 30 games at corner in the ACC and have success without having talent.

I think it is worth mentioning that he has also played as a safety, as well as being a place kick holder, a gunner on special teams (punt & kick coverage) Quarterback and wide receiver as well as returning kicks and punts. He Won awards for character and leadership and exhausted his college eligibility to continue his studies in anthropology.

I'm going to be watching out for #18 on Saturday, and I sure hope I spot him on the defensive side of the football. I've not heard him mentioned once, but I think he is an interesting guy. Maybe we are working him at corner and he just isn't good enough, who knows.....I think these questions are the ones that need to be asked.