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Rex Ryan Press Conference Notes 08/19/10

Notes from Rex Ryan's press conference earlier today on the morning session:

  • Defence dominated the practise. Offence had extra 3rd down work after, but today belonged to the defence
  • Tony Dungy has agreed to come to Jets camp. No date set, but he's excited to come out. Had a man-2-man talk.
  • Brian Jackson was the rookie who was tied to the goal post. Fun hazing for the rooks, should be seen that way. Heard Jackson took it as a personal thing, but Rex will talk to him.
  • Assumes the performance of the back-ups will be better against Carolina. Says that it has to be and it needs to be.
  • If he had to choose one area of improvement, it is with Mark Sanchez. Knowledge of the offence, knowing where the hot routes are, how to check down and his accuracy has gotten even better even though it was a strength. Confidence in the receivers.
  • Lost the ability to check down when Leon went down last year, having LT here now is a huge upgrade in the passing game.
  • Braylon had a stunning catch again today. Rex said that Braylon has been "phenomenal". Braylon learning all the receiving positions. Santonio has taken to Schotty, and the combination of Braylon/Santonio and Cotchery. Add Coles in who has made some excellent catches, we are where we want to be.
  • Needs a season or a couple seasons to analyse the McKnight for Leon. McKnigt has a ton of ability, Leon not as explosive his first year. McKnight will get better, just needs to hit it up in there and get that single. He bounced a run out today and went for 25 yards. Joe doesn't have to be Leon, he just has to be himself. McKnight needs to run inside. It's just a matter of time for McKnight.
  • Boris Lee has been signed, a linebacker. One of his first plays today was meeting John Conner in the hole. Borris will play against Carolina.
  • Westerman, Cummings and Brad Smith all took today off as part of winning the Iron Jets awards.
  • Got a big night of "King Ugly", Jeopardy and a Magician. They have a night out tonight, but everyone has to do something with a team mate. Doesn't matter what it is, but you have to take a team mate.
  • This is a close football team.
  • Nobody is ruled out of Carolina game yet, but Satele and Mauga are still not practising. Starters will go about a quarter. Brunnel will get a series, Coles will play a lot more.
  • Lot of good candidates for King Ugly this year. 
  • This years camp went much smoother. As good as a camp he has been around
  • Vernon is realizing his strength, and now he's starting to knock some people around. Can see some confidence and Rex is excited about the way he is playing.
  • Thinks Kris Jenkins is better this year than he was last year. Him and Mangold get after each other, very few who can hold their ground against Kris, but Mangold is one of them. They are improving each other. Better technique player now which is scary for the league.
  • Will be hard pressed to find a better defence than ours. However you still have to get out on the field and prove it, and that's the standard which is going to be here for years.