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ESPN NY: Kellen Clemens on The Block

Rich Cimini has heard from league sources that the Jets are willing to listen to offers for Clemens (not ground breaking stuff):

With Mark Sanchez and Mark Brunell locked into the first two quarterback jobs, the Jets are willing to deal Clemens before the start of the regular season, according to league sources.

After the game it was mentioned that Clemens probably came in to try and get another team to bite. This isn't really new news, it's just confirmation of an already widely held belief. The Jets want something back for Clemens, and understandably so.

Cimini does point out several things, one being the salary that Clemens will make in 2010 ($1.1 mill) and the fact that we could well be ready to have him as the #3 back if no offers come up.

I've been on one side of this argument for a long time, and watching Clemens in comparison to Brunell and O'Connell Monday night did nothing to move me from this. I think it;s important we keep Clemens, a guy who understands the system and a guy who won't lose you a game.

Brunell looked shattered after a couple of plays and his passes had about as much zip as Chad Pennington throwing into a 40 mph head wind. (not a big knock on Chad, you all know I'm a big fan of his)

It depends on the offers received, but I can't see anyone splitting with anything too valuable to get Kellen. A 6th perhaps is the best we can hope for, maybe a conditional pick. I just can't see it though, and I don't want to see us go into the season with Sanchez being backed up by Brunell and O'Connell.