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Rex Ryan Press Conference Notes 08-18-10

Same as usual, just a little later today (apologies), missed the live conference so had to wait for the video upload:

  • Injury Update: Josh Mauga(head ache), Brashton Satele are still out. Jason Davis (limited), John Conners (knee), Lance Laury (lip, stitches) & Donovan Warren (head injury, maybe a concussion)
  • Disappointed by the practise today. Sluggish practise. Too many false starts, not enough focus. Told the team how disappointed he was.
  • First group looked dominant, back-ups have a long way to go. 1's will "probably" only play a quarter.
  • Attributes the drop off from 1's to 2's to skill and intensity. Flat 2nd half, the missed FG. The long TD to Cruz, Lowery had good coverage on the play. Intensity was not consistent.
  • Won't blame the schedule for lack of intensity in practise today. Not using that as an excuse.
  • Nick is fine, had all the tests and he was out there today. Nothing to worry about
  • Mulligan, DeVito and Bart Scott all won the day off. Iron Jet winners. Team mates choose, and the players get to skip a practise.
  • Thought Slausen and Ducasse played well. Was good to get in their and feel the intensity. Happy the way that Slausen played.
  • Thought McKnight had a couple of nice runs, but a couple of other ones weren't. Give us what you got between the tackles. McKnight has a ton of ability, wants him to hit the hole more and cut out the dance. Take some singles before looking for a home run, take the 3 yards before you try and break a long one. Thinks that McKnight needs to see it on tape.
  • Woodhead has guts and heart. Did a good job covering punts, you can't question coverage and punts.
  • Can't play much better than the ones played, with Revis or without him. Talked about all the corners moving up. Don't feel sorry for the Jets, Rex has won and been successful with far less talent than the Jets have.
  • Jets won't play cover two. Maybe would have played the game differently in terms of coverage.
  • Kyle Wilson is doing everything, very coachable. Takes as good a notes as any rookie he's seen, plays outside and inside. He's a rookie but a veteran as a professional. 
  • Mangold is a great guy, smart. Quick wit and most offensive lineman arn't as funny as he is.
  • Weatherford is doing some kicking as a back-up just in case. Don't want to kick Folk's leg off, Weatherford made a kick in a 2 minute drill.
  • Wanted to play Kellen in their, and he showed up well.
  • Brandon Moore got the day off. He never tries to get out of everything, all the other lineman had days off, so Rex gave him one today.
  • No guy really made a move up the depth chart based on that game.
  • Wants to see all the guys compete for the back-up ILB spot. Cummings did some nice things, Laury can play some but brought in mainly for ST. Impressed with Mauga and Satele, so hoping they can get back and compete.
  • Mixed protection on the JPP sack, Woody thought the guard was kicking out to protect him, it registered late, so was slow getting around once he realized the guard was not going.
  • Jason Taylor is a much better run defender than even Rex thought. Bryan Thomas, Calvin Pace and Jason Taylor is as good as any unit in the league.
  • John Connor knocked a few people back. Did everything that the team expected.
  • Big admirer of Tony Dungy. However he felt Dungy "unfairly judged" him, and that was disappointing. Made a phone call to Dungy to come to camp and spend some time with the organization. Didn't speak with Dungy but left a message.
  • Always going to be himself, just because a guy cusses doesn't mean he is a bad person. Could be more f-bombs on hard knocks tonight because they are featuring Westy.