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A Hidden Effect of Darrelle Revis' Holdout

We have spent plenty of time discussing how Darrelle Revis' holdout affects the Jets at the front of the cornerback depth chart. A team could do worse at least in terms of natural ability than Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson. We have not spent as much time talking about the back of the depth chart.

Revis' absence forces everybody to move up one slot. That moves Cromartie into the top spot. Kyle Wilson will become a starter. If they play up to their potential, they could be very good. It also makes Dwight Lowery move up to play the nickel and makes Drew Coleman the fourth corner. Lowery has flashed ability but has been inconsistent. A lot of teams would love to have a guy with 15 career starts as the fourth on the chart. He should be able to handle the fourth target on most teams. It's not as clear cut with him working consistently in the slot. Coleman's play has been less than stellar his entire career.

A lot of the teams the Jets will have to get through in the AFC have deep receiver corps. They love to go four wide and can with success at the position. Life without Revis will force the Jets to give expanded roles to two guys who got burned by a rookie from UMass last night.

Losing Darrelle would hurt the team in more areas than the starting lineup.