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Scott: "Brandon Jacobs Should Send Eli Some Flowers"

Rod Boone of Newsday has some sound bites by the man that's never afraid to open up, including this little titbit:

"A hellacious hit by Calvin," he said. "No, I think Brandon Jacobs should send Eli (Manning) some flowers. He got in the way and kind of started that whole thing, but then you play on. Of course, Mr. Butterfingers here didn’t get it done."

It did all come about from a mix up involving Jacobs and Eli which caused Eli to juggle the ball. He also pokes a little fun at himself as after the ball comes loose, Bart had the chance to scoop it up but couldn't hang on which meant the Giants recovered the football.

The injury is just a cut, and there was no concussion so that's definitely a positive. You never want to see any serious injuries in pre-season or at any time no matter who the player is. No harm in taking a look at the play again though.