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Brandon Jacobs Talks Trash After Preseason Win

Brandon Jacobs apparently cares quite a bit about preseason scores.

"We beat the Jets," Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said. "It's a 'Hard Knocks' life, man. We solidified who the stadium really belongs to."

This might be the dumbest comment in the history of professional football. I'm not exaggerating here. Who cares which team won a preseason game? Didn't Jacobs see the game was won by his team's third stringers? His starting unit was outscored by that of the Jets.

At any rate, ownership of a stadium is determined by money. The two teams equally invested and share the new stadium. Did Woody Johnson take over ownership of Qualcomm Stadium from the Spanos family when the Jets won that Playoff game in San Diego?

Jacobs really comes off looking dumb.