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2nd View: Jets Impressions

With the old saying four eyes are better than two etc, just going to go through a few things that I came away from that game thinking. Some are similar to John's, some are different:

  • Lets give Clemens his due, stat line doesn't really matter however people give him such a hard time, it's only right you recognize when he looks good. I thought he looked pretty good, stepping up into the pocket, reading the D. His timing was pretty good, and he put it in the right spots nearly the entire showing. He overthrew Santonio but he looked a lot better than usual and in comparison to the other Mark and Kevin who were playing 3rd stringers, he looked head and shoulders better, Holmes or no Holmes.
  • LT still has the moves. He had a couple of really nice plays but the check down option in the passing game is going to be priceless. He has great recognition of when to sit, and having that man open should limit Sanchez's mistakes, as long as he doesn't force it like he did on the first pass. He also showed some burst on the TD that was pulled back.
  • Sanchez looked decent, he didn't get pressured a great deal but he zipped a few passes in, and it looks like him and Braylon have a great understanding. Braylon looked terrific, hands were solid. Cotchery reliable as ever and Holmes looked fantastic. This passing game has a ton of potential to be a great one.
  • I thought the defence looked fantastic. Cro allowed very little room and his length showed that he's going to get his hands on the ball a lot this season. He needs to bring them in but he showed great instincts for the ball. Wilson also looked very good, was keeping an eye on his coverage even when the ball wasn't heading that way, and when people said you got a "cover corner", they meant it. Was sticking to his receivers well.
  • I saw a significant improvement by Gholston last night. He had pressures, spotted him using a swim move, as well as his bull and some speed stuff. He looked more hungry last night and a few times he came through the line quickly. When he did play as a down lineman, against some rush plays he held his ground well. Credit where it is due, he looked better.
  • I thought JT was good, but Pace was the guy that really stood out for me. No idea of his stat line, but he was breaking to the ball with lightning speed. Once he gets around the line, he gets down to the ball carrier very quickly. Was really good to see that, and no surprises the giants went 3 and out so often against our first stringers.
  • It's no secret that Drew Coleman is not a good player. Let's not go too overboard with it though, we were manning up in coverage, it was a real test for Coleman and Lowery, and it's a test they failed. Lowery is better facing the play as a nickel or like most want to see, a safety. He has some serious trouble with his timing when running with a receiver and trying to locate the football. Coleman is just bad in my opinion.
  • John Connor is good, but there were a couple of plays where I don't think he made much of a dent. Will need to go back and look at them, but I seem to remember saying that on a couple of occasions he really didn't clear any ground. Mostly though he was good, and one play he came and met a linebacker in the hole and knocked him back. You know he's got some power right there.
  • Folk looked nervous to me last night, he missed that 40+ yarder and just sneaked a 36 yarder inside the post. Overall though I liked what I saw, his kick-offs were good and once he starts hitting his field goals the confidence will come back and we should be good to go.
  • Offensive line didn't get much of a push at all, with anyone playing. So hard to judge all the RB's, with Mangold back I expect that to improve significantly. Slausen just needs some time as well, but his pass protection was top notch.
  • Overall our starters looked great I thought, and out performed their starters. We came away with no injuries, and our new players look like they are picking up the play book quickly. It was a successful night in my opinion, and really happy with the performance of the 1's. If we stay healthy, we look like we will be as tough to beat as some are projecting. End of the day it's just game 1 of the pre-season.
  • If you came away from that game disappointed.....well something is wrong.