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Jets Camp in MMQB

In today's Monday Morning Quarterback column, Peter King discusses a trip he took to Cortland.

When I walked into Ryan's office Friday afternoon, the immediate subject was his cursing. The politically correct thing would have been to say, "I really need to watch my mouth.'' Ryan laughed about it. Shook his head as if to say, Like I care people think I curse too much. It's football!

"I'll tell you one of my goals with this show,'' said Ryan. "I want every player in this league to watch this show and say, 'One day, I want to be a Jet.' ''

Just might be happening as you read this. Scott said he thought there were "over 10'' players on other teams who wanted to play for Ryan and the Jets. "After this show, there will be many more,'' he said.


I'll tongue in cheek poke fun at King here and there because of his love affairs with the Patriots and Brett Favre, but stuff like this makes him one of my favorite writers. That's a great tidbit I'm sure a lot of writers wouldn't think to share with fans.

I think Rex's plan is working. I'd want to play for him.