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Sutton Now Longest Tenured Jets Coach Ever

Bob Sutton has become the longest serving coach in franchise history. 

When asked about Sutton’s rare staying power, having survived through three head coach departures with the Jets, Ryan joked, "First off, I hope he doesn’t go through another one. I know Sutton will be here. I hope I’m here for a long time with him."

Turning serious, Ryan said, "There was never a doubt I wanted Bob Sutton on my staff. This guy was a great head coach in college. He’s been a terrific assistant coach. I know the kind of teacher he is and the kind of coach he is. He’s loyal. He’s demanding. He loves the players, respects the players and he gets the most out of the players. You can’t ask for much more than that.

"He’s just a terrific football coach. I think that’s what’s kept him through so many [regimes]. This isn’t the most secure job at all times. You want a guy like Bob Sutton on your staff. We’re fortunate to have him still."

I think there were points at which we were all frustrated during his tenure as defensive coordinator, but he has done very well with the linebackers. It is unusual to last a decade even on the same coaching staff let alone with the tenure of four head coaches.