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Starters Will Play Into Second Quarter

Rex Ryan unveiled his plans on how he is going to use his starters Monday.

Usually, starters play a series or two in the first preseason game. But coach Rex Ryan said he'll likely have both the first-team offense and defense play a quarter and a series.

"We'll play past the first quarter because we've had such a long time off," Ryan said. "And that second game we play in five days, so that's the plan right now."

The starters will then likely play less time against Carolina next Saturday because of the short turnaround. Ryan didn't have his team practice in pads this morning, so they could "get their legs back a little bit."

If it was up to me, the starters would be very limited. Guys don't play themselves into shape into preseason. They get themselves into shape over the offseason. There's also camp. Preseason games are good for getting guys hurt.

I'm not going to question Rex on this, though. He knows what he's trying to get out of the team in this game.