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Jets Won't Prepare for Giants

Rex Ryan unveiled his preseason plans today.

"We don’t prepare for it," the head coach said. "We’re just going to line up and play. There are a lot of coaches that take a different look to it. They’ll treat this like a game, they’ll study us and all that kind of stuff, and that’s fine."

Rex is smart. There's no reason to put anything on tape or give away tendencies to opponents to prepare for future games that actually matter.

There isn't a lot for which preseason is useful. See how many snaps Peyton Manning takes. By far the most important thing is just to avoid injuries. It also might help new guys like Santonio Holmes get used to the system in a game situation and get some on field experience to backups who might sit all year and get called upon because of injury. It isn't really that important, though. I could care less if the Giants win 100-0 as long as the Jets come out healthy.