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Giants Firing Shots Across The Hudson

I think everyone is ready for a little football now, and why not share a few choice words by some of our friends who player for the "other" New York team, the New York Giants. ESPN's Jane McManus gets the opinions of linebacker Keith Bulluck and rookie wide receiver Victor Cruz

"It's always been Giants Stadium, the Jets were always second fiddle to the Giants," Bulluck said. "Some of my friends were Jets fans but they were never happy coming into school Monday morning after the Jets had taken some of those beatings. I'm a Mets fan and I understand the Yankees are New York's baseball team, just like Jets fans should understand the Giants are New York's football team."

It doesn't really matter who's town it is, and until the Jets win something, I don't think it's unfair to say that the Giants are still top dogs.

However some things have changed. We now are equal partners in a stadium share. We no longer have to play under the blue banner of a Giants stadium. Media attention has significantly shifted to the Jets, HBO Hard Knocks, MNF to open the season and a thanksgiving prime time. Print column popularity also "probably" favours the Jets (I'm not about to try and count that up). We do need to win and most would accept that, however the Jets will never be as far behind to the Giants as the Mets are to the Yankees.

"Definitely it's always a rivalry," Cruz said. "You always want to beat them, you actually always want to beat the crap out of them. But it's OK because they use our field and they use our stadium but we always want to come out the victor in that game."

I think someone needs to provide Cruz with a few facts about the new Medowlands. I know he is a rookie and all, but I'm not sure he is aware that the two teams will be moving into a new stadium on Monday. We did use your stadium and we did use your field, and I'll add we did close your stadium out with a bang instead of a whimper.

Now we use our stadium, we use our field and we will hoist our banner inside our home.

Monday can't come soon enough.