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Rex Ryan Press Conference Notes 08-13-10

Missed the start of the conference unfortunately, but this is what I got:

  • Still a lot of roster spots open. Keep the best players but there is plenty of spots open
  • Doesn't know what happened to Donovan Warren to make him fall to UDFA. Doesn't have size/speed combination that a lot of 1st round picks have. He's a good football player.
  • T-Rich can definitely go another season. Amazing that a FB can last for 17 years in the league. How he takes care of himself. The pounding a FB takes, it's just amazing.
  • Doesn't know what it would take for T-Rich not to be on this football team
  • Connor one day will be a big time FB in this league. If Connors is clearly the best guy for the football team then he'll be in there.
  • Some of the veterans don't always go 100% like they would in the game. Coaches try and control those kind of things. Players will all do what they are asked to do
  • Want Jenkins to be a dominant guy, but let his technique protect his body.
  • Leaves most of the work load for Folk up to Westy, he knows how to handle them. Thinks Folk is going to have a great year for us. No secret he had a bad year in 09. Struggled with his release. Wanted to see him kick FG's but also kick offs. Kick off's are going 5-6 yards into the end zone on a regular basis.
  • Team have brought in other kickers, but neither were really making any statement. So the team just decided to let Nick kick. Competition from the others was not great.
  • Thinks the atmosphere on Monday will be a little different than the usual first pre-season game. Playing the Giants in a new stadium. Won't be amped like a regular season game. Won't prepare for it, just like up and play the game.
  • Respects the Giants, they are a tough team. Don't look back on 09 predictions as he thought the Giants would represent the NFC.
  • Would rather win these pre-season games. They are there to evaluate players and know you are keeping the right guys. Won't be playing the starters in the 4th quarter to make sure the win comes. 
  • Coaches like the season the way it is. Gives you time to prepare the team. In response to a question about an 18 game season with just 2 pre-season games, instead of the current 4.
  • Team is ready to play somebody else. Much rather be playing earlier games