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Rex Praises John Conner

Rex says John Conner is pushing veteran Tony Richardson for the starting fullback job. 

On an 'Iso draw,' Conner was isolated on a linebacker (Kenwin Cummings) and "smoked him," Ryan said.

Cimini, the author of this article, goes to on ask a question:

Which begs the question: Is Conner (5-11, 245) good enough to push incumbent Tony Richardson out of a roster spot? As Bill Parcells likes to say, the circus doesn't stay in town forever. Richardson is 38, entering his 17th season. Ryan said "it's going to be hard to beat out Tony Richardson," but the coach also admitted, "Is he being pushed by the kid? Absolutely. This guy is turning heads."

The Jets also like Jason Davis (5-10, 240), although Ryan admitted that Davis' play has tailed off after an impressive offseason.

My opinion: Keep Richardson. Not only is he still a useful player, but he's a rock in the locker room -- and this team needs those kind of guys, especially after dumping Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca. It might be hard to keep two fullbacks, but they should make it a point to keep these two, especially with Conner likely to have a big role on special teams.

Cimini's excellent work on ESPN New York continues. I have nothing to add to this other than that I am in complete agreement.