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Rex Ryan Press Conference Notes 08-12-10

Same as yesterday, notes from the conference that took place moments ago:

  • Both parties (Revis & NY Jets) have had clear the air talks, and they are continuing to work together to negotiate. However from this moment forward, those negotiations will remain confidential. (This was a statement read out by someone before Rex came out)
  • LT has a ton left. Every day he looks great. Got a ton of ability, trained well in the off-season. He's bought into the team and appreciates being around the guys. Looking to have a monster year.
  • Nick sat out today, got to be careful with these injuries. Cautious, he probably could of played today with a red jersey, but that's pointless. Should be back tomorrow. Wasn't a concussion, just a hit on the temple.
  • Doesn't think he'll have to get so involved with Sanchez this year. Sanchez is getting a great grasp of the system. Matt Cavanaugh is doing a good job with him, allows Brian S to be the offensive co-ordinator. Understands turnovers kill a team.
  • Thought Hard Knocks was entertaining. So many stories to tell in Jets camp, you want the country to see that. See the good environment to play in, shows we don't take ourselves too seriously, but when it's time to play we're bringing everything.
  • We're building a reputation in the league, people want to play around this type of organization. A lot of guys would probably want to play here.
  • Rolling good at the minute. Got a lot of the defensive plan in place, things are moving along very well. Westy is getting ready for specific teams, whether that be the Giants or the Ravens. 1 of every 4 practises is for special teams alone. Getting a lot in.
  • John Connor best hit of the year happened today on an ISO draw. Smoked one of the linebackers, ran through Kenwin Cummings on the play. Also has done a good job on special teams. A very physical player
  • Braylon had a field goal block today.
  • There is a chance that Connors could push Tony Richardson. No passes for Tony because he has been around a long time. He's being pushed by Connors without a doubt. Jason Davies hasn't had as good a camp as Connors. Team is loaded at the FB position. Will be tough to beat out T-Rich, but people are doing what they are supposed to do in competing. T-Rich doesn't want a day off.
  • Team has a great back in LT. He doesn't look like he's through, he's doing everything that we are asking him to do. Very strong, he's fast. Looks "tremendous".
  • No comment on Revis (even though the reporters were told not to ask before the conference)
  • Sanchez will take care of himself better this year. Now Sanchez can slide on his natural side, it should be more comfortable.
  • Drew Coleman missed a 43 yard field goal.
  • Don't draw the line on what can and can't be shown on HBO. Team signed up for it, and will leave it to them to know what is appropriate. Want to present a true picture of who the Jets are. Some people will like it, some people won't.
  • Danny Woodhead is always "live". Everything we ask him to do, he goes full speed. Blocks punts, runs down on kick coverage. He always agrees to do whatever is asked. A guy that you want to be successful.