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Rex Ryan Press Conference Notes: 08/11/2010

Just going over what was said during the press conference, did this last year and it seemed to be popular so will start from now.

I won't touch on his comments on the Revis situation as Ryan has already done that below:

  • Defence dominated the practise today. Good physical practise, players have the evening off.
  • Mangold took a blow to the head, nothing serious. Pouha the culprit, Rex compared it to his son missing 10 minutes, Mangold missing the rest of the practise. Nothing to worry about.
  • Jim Leonhard's smart, physical and talented. In response to a question about what makes him so perfect for the system. Went through what a phenomenal athlete he is, 19 K's in a baseball game, 2 slam dunk wins.
  • Protection for the QB's was a problem today.
  • Kellen Clemens is smart, knows the system, best players will play. Will let the battle go forward for the #3 QB spot and perhaps the #2 spot.
  • Looking forward to playing the physical Giants to open the stadium on Monday. Appreciate the way they play, and he likes the style.
  • Not decided on how much time the starters are going to get.
  • Brunnell being the #2 was pre-determined. Jets brought him in to be the #2 QB.
  • Not sure about whether the team will go with 3 QB's or 4 QB's. Said the bottom line is the best football players will stay. Don't have a set number of players at each position outlined before the cuts.
  • Sanchez is doing great right now. Got a better grasp of the system and reading the defence. More accurate with the football. Reaffirmed that their were protection problems today and that can put the QB off. Defence is giving him different looks now.
  • Shonn Greene is really improving in pass protection, picking the blitz up.
  • Jets have two #1's in Greene and LT, Greene hopefully won't have to carry the rock 30 times this season
  • As David Harris is not under contract next year, he expects him to be average. (Obviously Rex has read the ridiculous suggestions by some that he created this Revis situation by building him up too much). Expects him to grow, understanding of the D. Ability to switch him and Bart gives the D greater flexibility. Even though they were good last year, he expects that partnership to grow even more.
  • Expects the whole defence to grow this season. However having 3 new starters in the secondary is slowing that down a little bit
  • Really impressed with Kyle Wilson. He talks as much as Leonhard. Learning to play outside and in. Good communication and a good study guy. Prepares like a pro.
  • Starting a rookie corner is easier than starting a defensive lineman or a linebacker.
  • Larry Taylor is making plays and is a special teams guy. Has a chance to be a special teams guy. Just needs to go out there and contribute. He'll get his opportunity and we'll see how he does in the pre-season games. 
  • Doesn't see us running the football 600 times. However we are still built as a ground and pound. However the new weapons will open up passing options, and Mark understanding the offence will help with that. Can exploit defences better using the passing game.
  • Injury Updates: Jackson (Knee), Brashton Satele (Ankle:limited), Davis (Quad), Mangold (head), Jason Taylor (did well)
  • Channing called Jason Taylor "womanly"....said that's what it's all about. Surprised people don't rip Bart. Maybe it's because Jason Taylor's wife is prettier than all other wives.