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Rex Ryan's Own Solution to the Revis Mess

Honestly, I have no idea what Woody Johnson is trying to do. By going on ESPN and all kinds of radio shows and speaking of the nastiness of the current situation, he is only increasing the distance between Revis and the Jets. When they start bickering about "he said she said" with Revis' reps, it only makes things worse.

Enter Rex Ryan, clear of mind, with a brilliant idea. Instead of shady meeting at diners in Roscoe, with just the GM present, why not have Darrelle come up and sign while the team is staring him in the face? "I bet it gets done that way," Ryan says.  He wants the whole organization at the table.

Neil Schwartz's response? "If the Jets want to set up a meeting, they have our number."

So, why not? This deal makes too much sense for both sides not to get done. In all honesty, no one is right here. There is no "siding with Revis or the Jets". Bottom line is, Revis is asking for a lot, and the Jets are not offering any kind of decent amount of guaranteed money. Both sides have fault. But the Jets have to realize that they will have to pay a lot of money, and pay it up front.

Woody continuously says that he is committed to winning a championship. Well, Woody, it's time to back up your words. It's time to stop ripping off fans,  and it's time for the Jets to make a sacrifice for the fans sake, for once. We have waited too long for an opportunity like this, and by letting this drag on into the season, you are spitting in the face of the loyal fanbase that has supported this team (which has generated a generous amount of revenue for yourself, I'm sure.) We have a nice and pretty stadium, but no Darrelle Revis. Ask your average fan what they would rather have: A fancy new palace that only rich snobs with business connections can afford to go to, complete with non-flushing urinals, or to finally taste the top of the mountain and win the Bowl?

Woody isn't going to win the PR war by going on ESPN and talking about how mean Mr. Schwartz is. Woody is going to win the ultimate PR "war" by stepping up and paying it's stars. The Jets often compare Revis to Jeter; but there is one difference: The Yankees, 100% comitted to winning, stepped up and paid their guy. They have been rewarded with championships. The Jets, 100% comitted to making money, have not won anything.

Now, is Revis asking for a lot? Yeah. He has three years left. But make no mistake, while players, who have worked their entire lives for their big contract, can be cut at any time. If the Jets don't have to honor a contract, why should some owner who inherited a multi-billion dollar company and has hardly worked a day in his life demand the Revis honor his?