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The Rumored Contract Figures

Gary Myers tells us he has the scoop as to what the sides in Darrelle Revis contract negotiations are.

This is how far apart holdout cornerback Darrelle Revis and the Jets are on 10-year proposals they each have on the table: A staggering $40 million.

And that doesn't even take into account the ongoing battle over signing bonus and guaranteed money.

If they can cut their differences down by $1 million per day between now and the Jets' opener on Sept. 13 against the Ravens, the gap will be still be $7 million.

The Daily News has learned the Jets have had a 10-year, $120 million offer on the table for months as one of their two proposals. Although the Jets continue to insist "we are flexible on how the guaranteed money is structured, including the areas of signing bonus, roster bonus and option bonus," they have not yet attached a specific dollar figure to any of those areas.

The Jets say they need to agree to the total compensation before negotiating the guarantees. It's hard to argue with a $120million deal that contains sufficient guaranteed money, which would be about $25 million-$30 million.

Revis has been looking to surpass Oakland's Nnamdi Asomugha as the highest-paid cornerback. Over the next two seasons, Asomugha will average $16.5 million. So do the math on a 10-year deal. That brings the number Revis wants in the $160million range. Guaranteed money? Probably about $30 million.


Assuming Myers' report is credible, and there's no reason to assume it isn't, that is where things stand. The $40 million gap is somewhat deceiving, though. Remember, in the NFL contracts aren't guaranteed. The deal will never be worth $120 million. Revis would never make it to the end of the deal (or a $160 million deal). Not knowing what the Jets offered in guaranteed money, it's tough to say how competitive the offer was. The original figures are just window dressing.

Revis' reps are claiming the Jets have never made an offer with guaranteed money. I have no insider information, but that's difficult to believe. This is the NFL. It's common logic that top flight players make a lot of guaranteed money in new contracts. It doesn't seem like the Jets would waste their time offering deals that weren't even remotely competitive.

I think Revis is worth it, but this is another example of why he is losing the PR war. His people are not making credible claims.