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Dwight Lowery Discusses Giving Up First Team Spot

Dwight Lowery surprised a lot of people for telling the coaching staff to give Kyle Wilson first team reps in practice over him. He set the record straight today.

The reason? Lowery said it "obviously" had something to do to Darrelle Revis' holdout, now in its 10th day.

"I wouldn't say that’s why; I would say that had something to do with it," Lowery said. "There's a chance that Revis won't be here at all, anytime."

Wilson, the Jets' first-round pick, was intended to be the team's nickel corner. He stayed in that role last week in the early days of Revis' absence. But sometime before the second week of practice, Lowery approached Thurman and recommended that Wilson take over at right cornerback -- where Lowery had been working.

Lowery still is used in nickel packages, on the outside, while Wilson slides into his intended role on the inside. Lowery, who started 10 games as a rookie, said he recognizes that live reps are the fastest way for young players to learn.

I understand why there was something of a backlash.  You want players who have enough confidence in themselves to believe they are the best. It seems like Lowery was just trying to help a young player. With the uncertainty about Darrelle, it's best if Wilson gets as much experience as possible at nickel, his new position if Revis returns, and outside, where he will play if Revis does not return.