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Braylon Blogs About Revis

Braylon Edwards is guest blogging this year at GQ's website. He made an update today talking about Darrelle Revis.


Nothing helped me prepare for games last season more than Darrelle Revis guarding me during practice. We have a rivalry. He has this personal vendetta because I scored on him in both games we played against each other when I was in Cleveland. He doesn't forget anything, so when we're at practice, he tends to bring that back up and use it. We fight like crazy out there. But it's great. He's definitely one of the best, if not the best defensive back in the league.

We go over each other's moves right after the play. Let's say I run a good route and get him with something. He'll ask me, "B, what'd you do differently on that?" And I'll tell him. I'll say, "I know you do this" or "I anticipated you trying to wait for me, but this time I just attacked you." And it works vice-versa, too. He may gauge one of my moves early and break for a ball, and I'll ask him, "How did you know I was going to do that? What did I do to tip you off?" We talk right after the play so that it's fresh in our heads.

Finally we have a Revis story without talking about the contract. This is really top notch stuff by Braylon. I love being given an inside view like that. I'm looking forward to tidbits like this all year.