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The Big Questions on Revis' Holdout

There are several key questions regarding Darrelle Revis' holdout. Only people within the inner circles of Revis and the Jets can answer most of these for sure, but we can piece together some answers from what we know.

How long will this holdout be?

Although Revis' agent, Neil Schwartz informed the media in very glib fashion they should ask the Jets how long it will last, he is facing a $16,000 per day fine. He also would delay his own unrestricted free agency if he does not report in the next 10 days. Doing that would take leverage away. When players hold out, it is intended to have the opposite effect. There are cases where players dig in and force a trade like Deion Branch with the Patriots in 2006, but those are the exception. I can't imagine the Jets would move a piece as integral as Revis.

How will this affect Revis' play?

It really does not appear to be something to worry about on the surface. Playing in the NFL is a 365 day a year job now. A lot of these players can step on the field and be ready to play without camp. Remember that Revis held out his rookie year. It didn't really hurt him even adjusting to the speed of the NFL. He stepped in and played well right off the bat. Does anybody remember Michael Strahan's holdout the year the Giants won the Super Bowl?


How will this go over in the locker room?

If Kris Jenkins' comments mean anything, the players won't hold it against Revis. I'm sure there may be some isolated grumbling from players doing drills on hot days in Cortland, but the players understand this is a business. They will probably have empathy with Darrelle as they realize they could one day be in the same position.

How will the Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum extensions impact the process?

While Rex's extension after one year was a puzzling move, I'm not sure it is the big deal people make it out to be. The team can focus on more than one thing at a time. The world cannot stop for one contract to be the only priority.

What will this accomplish?

I'm honestly not sure what the end game is here for the Revis camp. He doesn't seem to have any leverage. It seems like this is just sending the Jets a message that Darrelle is very unhappy. It's only going to make the fans less sympathetic, though.

Who is to blame?

It would be easy to pin this on the agent, Neil Schwartz, who helped instigate the Pete Kendall fiasco. At the end of the day, though, the buck stops with Darrelle Revis. Schwartz works for him. He provides Revis with advice. It's up to Revis whether to accept it as in his best interest or disregard it as not.