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Breaking: Darrelle Revis WILL Hold Out

No surprise to any of us here at GGN, as we've figured this would be the case since yesterday.

The bad news was reported by Manish Mehta of NYDN:

Manish Mehta TheJetsStream

Breaking: Darrelle revis is officially holding out, per source.
Manish Mehta TheJetsStream Jets Revis' agent Neil Schwartz on how long holdout may last: "ask the jets."
 Manish Mehta TheJetsStream Statement from revis camp: "we waited until last poss minute with hope of getting something done. Darrelle won't be there."


Not going to beat this one to death, being that we've discussed it all week. We know what the deal is:  Revis wants a long-term deal, the Jets' organization wants a band aid or short-term fix.

One of the sides needs to stop being so greedy. From the sideline, it appears as if one side is trying their best to come up with a quick fix to end this impasse, yet the other one will not budge and is not interested in finding a middle ground here.

CAN WE JUST PLAY SOME FOOTBALL???  (in Mike Ditka voice)