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Darrelle Revis Contract Saga Update: #24 WILL Hold Out if Necessary

So it's been over a week, and not one update on Darrelle Revis and the status of his contract! Until today, of course.

This is probably a surprise to no one, and it certainly isn't a coincidence that D'Brickashaw Ferguson was recently awarded a long-term deal. That made Brick the first of the "core four" to receive a new contract, and in doing that, the Jets front office created a domino effect which may spread to Revis, Mangold, and Harris (in that order).

Yeah, that's not good.

The Jets are slated to report to Cortland for training camp on Aug. 1. The team that made some bold moves during the offseason is looking to build chemistry with their new-look squad.

Unfortunately, Darrelle Revis did not get that memo (even though he is the best CB on the planet), and, according to sources, is willing to sit out training camp if he isn't awarded a reworked deal by that time.

Just when we thought the issue had died down, it has reared its ugly head again. Manish Mehta, in his article, explained it as  "Revis isn't bluffing."

He's exactly right (per usual) --- Revis has taken a firm stance, and shown he won't budge on the issue. Now that D'Brickashaw received his deal, Revis will not rest until he gets his.

So will the Jets FO play with fire again and push back?
And is Revis just bluffing here?
[I don't think this is the case though... he seems serious.]