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GGN LeBron Discussion Thread

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Let’s be honest. The real story isn’t about football today. It’s about LeBron James’ decision. It looks like he has six options right now.

Cleveland = Loyalty
New York = A chance to become a legend on the world’s biggest stage
New Jersey = Moving to Brooklyn in a few years and potentially becoming a hero on the level the Dodgers once were
Los Angeles = Taking on Kobe for control of the second biggest market in the country
Chicago = Becoming Michael Jordan’s heir apparent.
Miami = Being part of a super team

I know many of you are Knicks and Nets fans. I don’t root for any team in the mix. New Jersey and Los Angeles both seem like longshots to me. They are both perrenial doormats with nonexistent fanbases that always are the number two team in their respective metropolitan areas. The other four are realistic. I know the stories indicate Miami is the most likely at this point, but nobody can tell how accurate that is. LeBron’s such an egomaniac he may have planted that story to build suspense. It’s the same reason he’s having the announcement in Knicks Country in Connecticut.

It takes a special kind of arrogance to turn this saga into a television special. One of two things will happen. One is he could kill professional basketball in his hometown and break the hearts of his loyal fans on a television show he created. That would be low. The other possibility is that he could return to Cleveland. That would mean we had to endure all of this hype and this television special for him to make an announcement he could have made two years ago.

My gut says he ends up on the Knicks. Again I’m not a Knicks fan. I just think his ego demands he put himself front and center on the world’s biggest stage. I wouldn’t be surprised with Cleveland, Miami, or Chicago, though.

I’ll also say I wouldn’t blame him for leaving. His front office has never given him a decent supporting cast in seven years there. I only blame him for potentially creating a show out of ego to announce he’s leaving.

This will serve as the LeBron discussion thread.

I look forward to ESPN no longer being 24 hours of LeBron. It will be good to see it go back to being 24 hours of a mix of LeBron, Tim Tebow, Brett Favre, A-Rod, Kobe, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning.