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Jets Flight Connections 07-08-10

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NFL FanHouse believes Gang Green has gotten better than last year's team.

The Jets have signed rookie OL Vladimir Ducasse.

The Jets have extended LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson's contract.

Manish Mehta shares details on the agreement.

Ferguson's agent says that it was the team who approached them about the extension.

Jets Twit reports on how twitter users reacted regarding Brick's new deal.

The Freeport Journal-Standard writes about taking WR Santonio Holmes' tweet out of context, and twitter in general.

Turn On The Jets wonders whether CB Antonio Cromartie will be successful in green & white.

The J.E.T.S. blog recalls players who have worn jersey number 6.

CB Darrelle Revis and The Source, after the jump:


Broadway Mark Sanchez, at the 7:20 mark (followed by Scarlett Johansson):


"Hard Knocks" and fan appreciation: