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D'Brickashaw Ferguson and the Jets Agree to Long Term Deal

The Jets and Pro Bowl tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson have come to terms on a contract extension.

Thanks to a six-year, $60 million extension, Ferguson will be making $73.6 million over the next eight years, including $34.8 million in guarantees.

The team and Ferguson have "verbally" agreed to terms on a long-term extension, according to Ferguson's agent, Brad Blank. Ferguson had one year remaining on his contract, as well as a $10 million option year. The Jets added on five years and an option year, keeping him with the Jets through 2017.

Terms of the deal were not made available since it has not been inked yet. More to come.

So much for that whole the Jets don't take care of their own thing.

This is a good move for Gang Green. The offensive line is one of the core spots on the field. Locking up premium young talent is essential.

Mike Tannenbaum can't rest, though. He has three more young homegrown stars to extend.

It's a good thing for weary fans to see the front office taking out the check book and paying a top notch player.

It's also kind of poetic that the team moved first on a guy who didn't complain in public about his contract status.