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Jets Flight Numbers 91-00

Rounding up the current roster, as well as some players who have previously worn the numbers, going as far back as I feel like it (pretty much around the early 1990s), as well as some notables (according to me, anyway).

Here are numbers 1-10,









and 81-90.

#91-00 are after the jump.

91. DT Sione Pouha

Sione wore #90 in college (Utah).  He switched to #91 with the Jets in 2005, as the team hasn't issued #90 since 1993.  His last name is pronounced "bo-oo-ha".

From 2002-04, DT Josh Evans wore this number.  He wore the same in Tennessee from 1997-2001 and in Houston from 95-96.

DT Steve Martin wore #91 in 2001 in his one season with Gang Green.  Not to be confused with this guy.  


92. DE Shaun Ellis

I believe the Big Katt wore #93 in college (Tennessee).  One four first-round picks in 2000, he is currently the longest tenured Jet on the roster, so it kind of annoys me when people spell his name wrong (Sean or Shawn).  Also, his full real name is MeShaunda.

DE Karl Wilson wore #92 in 1992, then switched to #72 the next year.


93. DL Matt Kroul

Matt's number was #53 in college (Iowa).

DE Marques Douglas wore this number last year, and it's quite possible Kroul will have to relinquish the number to him if the Jets re-sign him in July.

From 2007-08, DE Kenyon Coleman wore this jersey number for the Jets.  He switched to #90 in Cleveland last year.

From 2001-05, DT James Reed wore this number.  In the 2005 season opener in Kansas City, James had a sideline altercation with teammate MLB Jonathan Vilma.  The next year, Reed was playing for the Chiefs and wore the number #92 there until 2007.

DT Ernie Logan wore #93 from 1997-99.

DE/DT Marty Lyons spent his whole career as Jets #93 from 1979-89.


94. DE Jason Lamb

Jason wore #88 in college (Baylor).

DE Marques Murrell, Adrian's little brother, wore #94 from 2007-09.  He is currently listed as #93 in New England.

DE John Abraham, another one of the four first-round picks in 2000, wore this number from his rookie year until 2004.  In 2005, he switched to #56, as his birthday is on May 6th.  From 2006 to now, he is #55 in Atlanta.

From 1987-93, DT Scott Mersereau wore this number.  After colliding with teammate DT Dennis Byrd in '93, Scott was also forced to retire due to problems with his back.


95. OLB Jason Taylor

Jason the Jet wore #33 in college (Akron).  From 1997-2007, he wore #99 in Miami.  He wore #55 in Washington in 08, then back to #99 in Miami again last year.  Reportedly, he believes OLB Bryan Thomas should keep his number and decided to go with #95 instead, in honor of former Miami teammate DT Tim Bowens, who wore the number for 11 years there.

Last year, DT Howard Green played in this jersey number.  Gotta love players named Green.  Howard also wore the same number in Baltimore in 2002 playing under the Ravens' then D-line coach Rex Ryan.  Green is currently listed as #72 in Washington.

In 2007, DT C.J. Mosley wore this number for the Jets, switching from #75 the previous year and to #69 in 08, which he kept in Cleveland last year.

From 1997-2001, DE Rick Lyle wore #95 with the Jets.


96. Simi Toeaina

Simi wore #50 in college (Oregon).

From 2007-08, LB David Bowens wore this number for the Jets.  Current Cleveland teammate and former Jets LB Eric Barton declares him the first official shower pill of the year.  David currently wears the same number for the Browns and also wore the same for Green Bay in 2000 and in Miami from 01-06.

From 2005-06, DE Dave Ball wore this number with the Jets.  He currently wears #98 in Tennessee.


97. OLB Calvin Pace

Calvin was #93 in college (Wake Forest).  He switched to #79 in his rookie year in 2003.  Then he went with #97 2004-07, keeping the same with the Jets since 2008.

From 1989-96, DE Marvin Washington wore this number.

DE Dorian Boose was #97 from 1998-2000.


98. DE Rodrique Wright

Rodrique was #90 in Miami from 2007-08, the same number he had in college (Texas).

DE Eric Hicks wore this in his one season with the Jets in 2007, the same number he had in Kansas City from 1998-2006.

In 2008, DE Bobby Hamilton wore this number.  Not to be confused with this guy.  He previously wore #92 from 1996-99 with Gang Green before switching to #91 as he joined the former HC of the NYJ in New England.

DE Anthony Pleasant wore #98 from 1998-99.


99. OLB Bryan Thomas

BT has had this number since 2002.  His number was #46 in college (Alabama-Birmingham).

From 1999-01, DE Eric Ogbogu wore #99 for Gang Green.

LB Steve DeOssie wore this in his brief time with the team in 1993.

DE Hugh Douglas wore #99 from 1995-97 before switching to #53 in Philadelphia.

As part of the New York Sack Exchange, DE Mark Gastineau glorified this number from 1979-88, going to 5 Pro Bowls.


00. and 0.  These numbers were prohibited by the league in the early 1970s, and as far as I know, no Jets or New York Titans player has ever worn them.


Once a Jet, always a Jet.