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Joe McKnight Modifying Work Outs To Prepare for NFL Speed

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Came across an interesting story on Nola today, a local New Orleans site which had some interesting comments from 2010 draft pick Joe McKnight. You will probably remember that I stood firmly by the side of McKnight when others were criticizing him for his mini cramp performance. Reports came out that McKnight had been struck down by some illnesses, and was finding it tough to keep hydrated at the time.

However reports from local beat writers seemed to  strike a chord with McKnight who confessed that he went away to work harder on certain aspects to dispel the label that was attached to him (unfairly if you ask me):

"I went home and worked on my cardio -- I did a lot of core training and running to get my wind back, " McKnight said. "It's helped me because a lot of papers described me as lazy and not hard-working. I'm still changing that perception of me."

As well as doing his own work, McKnight has not been afraid to turn to Tomlinson for advice:

"(Tomlinson) is like my big brother I never had, " McKnight said. "He's teaching me all the things he's learned -- how to be professional about everything, take care of your body and be a good person in life."

We also thought it was important to note that rookie camp is really a non issue. It's also not uncommon for players to struggle adapting initially.

Local NFL analyst Mike Detillier said rookies arriving with subpar conditioning is not uncommon.

"You find out real quick there's a difference between workout condition and game condition, " Detillier said. "If we were three weeks into training camp, I'd say it's an issue."