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Martinez: Jets & Russell A Good Fit

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I was looking through the trash and came across a story on PFT. The Russell story came out last week and was quickly shot down by most. However Tom Martinez who has been the personal tutor of Tom Brady for many years as well as working closely with Russell prior to the 2007 draft, suggested that the Jets should seriously look at bringing in Russell:


"I think they're positioned to give him the right environment," Martinez said.  "It could potentially be a good fit for JaMarcus. ... With the Jets, they run the ball and that will help him, it will open up the passing game.  If he gets that and actually has receivers who can get open, then the Jets will have a steal.  "


Now I think this is ridiculous like most here, and I don't think we have any interest in the guy. However for comedy value you have to read the rest of the article. For example the main point is "The Raiders ruined Russell". The reasons you ask? well apparently "the Raiders spoiled Russell by paying him $4 million more than Russell was asking for rather than meeting in the middle". So although he persists the Raiders ruined Russell he did say that "Russell will never capitalize on his talent if he doesn't overhaul his work habits". So basically he is admitting that Russell is lazy and gets paid too much.

He puts it down to the lineman and the wide receivers. Well Gradkoswki had the same offensive lineman and the same receivers in Oakland last year. He managed 54.7 completion %, 6-3 TD/INT ratio and a 80.6 QB rating. Compared to Russell's 48.8% completion %, 3-11 TD/INT ratio and a 50.0 QB rating. 

So although he pinpoints the Jets as the ideal move, I just wanted to get this up for two reasons 1) it involves someone saying something about the Jets and 2) It just shows that despite what you do as a pro athlete, despite how lazy you can be. How undisciplined, and how talentless. You will always have an apologetic coach behind you placing the blame.