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Check Out Max's Interview With Mike Pettine

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Loyal GGN reader and commenter Max Strauss landed a 30 minute audio interview with Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. You can read or listen to it on his site, Pro Interviews.

Pettine has a lot of interesting comments. Here's a sample:

MS : Which group, like line, linebackers, and secondary do you think has improved the most this offseason?


MP : Well, I just think, I’d probably have to say defensive backs because of the upgrade in personnel. We feel that Brodney is going to do a great job for us, he stepped right in, in the spring, and picked things up right away. Then, Antonio Cromartie just has the ability to have a guy who’s been to the Pro Bowl, had 12 interceptions in a year, and his type of man cover skills which is just a tremendous thing for us to add that we have a guy that plays, you know there are different styles of defense, and he’s not well-suited to be an off the ball, zone corner, and in our style, it’s get up in your face, take advantage of that first five yard contact rule we have, and let’s lock guys down. We’re fortunate that we have guys that can play man coverage and we drafted one also in Kyle Wilson. We think he has a chance to be a real good player as well. So I just think the backend has not only, we’ve upgraded personnel-wise, but just a good spring too, just as far as the communication back there. That was one of our issues last year when we gave up some negative plays, a lot of times it wasn’t necessarily what our opponent did, it was a mistake that we made. That was a big part of our offseason, was addressing those issues, and look at it, hey, we’ve given up plays. There are times in this league, where you’ll say listen, ‘That was a good throw, good catch, nothing you can do.’ But, there were a lot of times where the wounds that we had were self-inflicted.