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Breaking: Mark Brunell Signs With Jets

Breaking News:

According to Jenny Vrentas and NJ Star-Ledger,  a two-year deal has been agreed upon to bring the 39-year-old veteran QB to Florham Park. It should be noted, however, that this news came from an anonymous source and the Jets' organization has not officially announced this potential acquisition.... yet.

In a move that has been talked about for months, reports are citing that the Jets have brought in the veteran QB to help mentor and train second-year QB Mark Sanchez.

The exact details of said deal are not available at the moment --- we will update as soon as they are released.

Jenny Vrentas JennyVrentas


It was speculated for weeks and now it happened: Vet QB Mark Brunell has signed with the Jets. #nyj
In Brunell's five career starts against the Jets as a member of the Jaguars, he holds a 3-2 W/L record w/ 6 TDs, 4 INTs, and a  76.6 QB rating.

How will this affect former backup QB Kellen Clemens' status as a Jet? While that answer is still unknown to us, it's hard to see the Jets having five QBs on their roster (six if you count Brad Smith). Personally, I think the Jets have been shopping around Clemens for awhile now. They knew the Final Eight Plan ensured they couldn't sign a FA until after last Saturday (without giving one up first). It seems as if they have been planning to sign Brunell for awhile now and were just waiting until the Final Eight expired, so it's certainly plausible that they have already found a home for Clemens and we could see him moved soon. Again, this is just speculation, which we love to do as fans.

Also, could this have ramifications in the locker room? Remember, many Jets were averse to bringing in a guy who will be 40-years-old once football season begins. A member of the offensive line previously gave an anonymous statement to NYDN, citing that he and the rest of the O-Line did not want to make the necessary adjustments in order to protect a left-handed QB.