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Bengals Sign Terrell Owens

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It looks like that Terrell Owens-jets talk never really got off the ground. The controversial receiver is moving to Cincinnati.

Terrell Owens is set to team with outspoken receiver Chad Ochocinco in Cincinnati, Ochocinco said via Twitter. His base salary will be $2 million.

"Terrell Owens is officially a Cincinnati Bengals, Cincy let's welcome him with open arms, it's on now!" Ochocinco posted on Twitter.

Owens, 36, had been expected to sign with the Bengals, but a phone call from Jets general manager to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, ostensibly expanded the market for his services. The Jets, through unnamed sources, distanced themselves from the discussions throughout the day.

The Bengals, meanwhile, remained the favorite to sign the divisive Owens. On Monday, Cincinnati team president Mike Brown said, "I'd like him to be here.''

He and Chad Johnson should form a very entertaining tandem.

I don't think anybody is surprised by this news. It kind of reminds me of the discussions the Jets had about JaMarcus Russell. Sure, they'll consider everybody, but that does not make the consideration serious.

T.O. wouldn't be happy as a fourth receiver, which is what he would have been on the Jets. The Jets had no reason to bring his volatile personality into the locker room, particularly with the New York media drooling for a story about a blow up. They're trying to nurture a young quarterback. A guy with a history of throwing his quarterbacks under the bus isn't a good fit. Plus he would add nothing on special teams, which is where value lies in backups to a large extent.

I'm glad this story will go away quickly.