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Santonio Discusses His Attitude

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Santonio Holmes discusses trying to fit in with his new team in's summer survey.

I'm not trying to come in here and steal anybody’s shine. I just want to work. I'm going to compete with you guys. I'm going to help you as much as possible. I’m going to talk to you about the things you're doing wrong, and I'll expect the same from you, talk to me about the things I'm doing wrong. ... Those guys know 'Tone' is here; we can trust him now. He’s not a guy that’s coming here with an ego problem, taking somebody's starting job. That’s what I'm here for, but that’s not the attitude I'm going to bring. I'm going to be a team-first guy. I know what it feels like to win a Super Bowl, and to bring that attitude here is what these guys need.

I think this is going to be a unique contract year for Holmes. He will have a lot to prove, but I am not talking about production. He has gotten something of a bad rap due to things that have happened off the field. Nobody doubts how productive he can be. A year in which his numbers go down won't hurt, particularly considering the quality of the other targets on the roster. In fact, proving he is a good locker room presence with relatively low numbers might do as much for his value as having a huge statistical year.