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Adalius Thomas Out of the Mix?

Cimini says you shouldn't expect Adalius Thomas in green and white.

In the spring, there was heated speculation about the Jets pursuing former Patriots LB Adalius Thomas, a Ryan favorite from their days in Baltimore. Ryan himself indicated there could be some interest down the road. Well, don’t hold your breath on that happening. Right now, the Jets have no interest in Thomas.

A lot of this speculation took place before Jason Taylor signed to take the role many envisioned for Thomas. He's less of a priority now. Would he be willing to play special teams the way a guy low on the depth chart would be expected? I think Thomas would improve depth. I would like to see Rex revitalize his career putting him in spots to succeed. I can understand why the Jets would pass, though. 

Cimini has other notes about Kyle Wilson's contract negotiations. He also discusses Nick Mangold being a team player for not holding out because he wants to help out the new left guard.

Maybe it's just me, but I've really enjoyed Cimini's work for the most part since his move to ESPN. He's really been on the top of his game lately.