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Patriots Receive Two 'Biggest Jerk Awards'

A quirky, little poll was conducted by some of the NFL writers for Covers.Com to discern who the biggest jerks in football are. The results are not surprising.

In an article titled "Pigskin pricks: The biggest jerks in the NFL," New England managed to snag not one, but two awards! Below are their writeups to go along with their selections.

Remember Pat the Patriot? We wrote about him last season when he was nabbed in a prostitution sting. (In case you missed the article, feel free to view it [here].)

Mascot – Pat Patriot, New England Patriots

Creepy enough to begin with, the character that traipses around took a hit when one of the humans behind the costume, 47-year-old Robert Sormanti, got caught in a Rhode Island prostitution sting. Wait, it gets weirder. Turns out that Sormanti’s boss at the time of the arrest was his ex-wife, Tracy, who was in charge of the Patriots’ cheerleaders.

Cheerleader – Caitlin Davis, New England Patriots

What is it with the Patriots? Caitlin lost a nice gig on the Gillette Stadium sidelines when pictures of her appeared on Facebook. Seems innocent enough. Problem was, the picture was of her drawing anti-semitic comments and male genitalia on a guy whose crime was to get loaded and pass out at a Halloween Party at Boston College.

Others receiving votes?

Congrats to the Patriots on their victory! Keep up the good work, guys!