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Jenkins: We'll Stand Behind Any Holdouts

As well as calling certain former teammates out during his interview with NFLN, Kris Jenkins also touched on the contract situations possible ramifications when trading camp comes around.

"You have to understand that this is a business, so each individual player has to take the time out to worry about himself in the offseason. That's their business. We understand that as players. So Nick and Darrelle, they know that we're behind them," Jenkins said.

Kris is never short of a few words on anything, and while it's unfortunate that the dominating story around the Jets right now is a negative contract one, you wouldn't expect anything less than for the players to stand behind their peers. Most of these players have been or will be in a similar situation at some point throughout their career.

I know I'm just looking forward to training camp and getting the players working towards a common goal. If Revis and/or Mangold decide to hold out then so be it. Like Rex will probably say, lets focus on the guys we do have in camp.

I'm hoping that both these players realize that we have the chance to do something pretty special this year, they will both get paid eventually, I don't think there is much doubt about that, and when they do get paid it's going to be a pretty heavy packet. Holding out hurts the team and the common goal.