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Revis Says His Heart Is With the Jets

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Darrelle Revis said yesterday he wants to be a Jet for a long time.

Less than two weeks before the Jets open training camp in upstate Cortland, cornerback Darrelle Revis, who is currently in contract negotiations, reiterated Wednesday that his intention is to remain with the organization far into the future.

"They know my heart is with the Jets and the New York/New Jersey area. I'm here as long as I can be," he said in a live chat on "If they give me the ability to have a choice, I'll stay here as a Jet."

On Monday, reported that the Jets, who approached Revis earlier in the offseason about re-doing his three-year, $21 million contract, are being hamstrung by the little known "reallocation rule." The clause in the collective bargaining agreement states that when creating a contract extension in an uncapped year, future guarantees against skill and injury must fit under the team's 2009 salary cap.

To clear that hurdle, though, the team can offer the All-Pro cornerback a substantial signing bonus and defer the payments for five years or longer.

If strapped for cash, the team and player can schedule payments to offer short-term relief.


If both sides really want Darrelle to remain in green and white, a deal will get done. That's what happened with D'Brickashaw Ferguson. If they don't, it will not get done. That's what happened with Leon Washington.