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Jets Not Likely to Re-Sign Douglas Soon

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Earlier this year, HC Rex Ryan said something along the lines that DE Marques Douglas deserves to make the most money he can in free agency.  That seems to indicate that the team isn't too worried about losing the 11-year veteran.

ESPN New York's Rich Cimini yesterday wrote that he wouldn't be surprised if the Jets were to re-sign Douglas tomorrow, when restrictions will be lifted on the Final Eight teams.  He has now learned that the Jets aren't actually in a rush to re-sign the veteran free agent:

According to a source, the Jets will not be re-signing Douglas in the near future. I suppose it could happen in training camp, if a defensive lineman gets hurt or if the young players aren't cutting it, but Douglas is not on the team's frontburner as of now.

All off-season long, Cimini has repeatedly written that the team will sign QB Mark Brunell tomorrow.  Hopefully, he'll turn out to be wrong about that, too.